Sarah Cazeneuve

Born in the south of France, Sarah Cazeneuve was engulfed in fashion since a young age. When she was a child, her mother's best friend began taking Sarah to her Parisian boutique of garments & fabrics, and luxury pret à porter clothing. Sarah would spend hours on end at the boutique, consulting clients and taking charge of arranging the showroom & window displays. These early moments would shape the future for Sarah and lead her to a calling as a fashion stylist.

Sarah has travelled internationally over the even before her start as a professional stylist, to learn English and begin making connections in the world of fashion and photography. At the age of 19, Sarah decided to leave the south of France and follow her passion to Paris; she would later earn her degree here in model styling. After her studies, she became a regular at events and show rooms belonging to Lanvin, Chanel, Cerutti and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others. These events and influences would drive her more and more in a direction of the art of composition and photo-styling. Sarah's inherent French sensibilities, paired with her own personal flare and vision, would soon come to light in her work.

Sarah Cazeneuve is a name that is well-known in press offices and show rooms alike throughout Paris. Her style and professionalism, fueled by her lifelong passion, will continue to carry her further in the fashion world and beyond.