Holli Kingsbury

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Holli is a midwestern girl at heart, with a MFA from NYU and Case Western Reserve in art history. Her focus being 20th century art, she has always carried the desire to define the new "new". She began her career as a costume designer for films in Chicago, Miami and Europe. But aspirations of fine art and a charming painter's studio in South Beach brought Holli to Miami.

An avid seamstress and designer, she incorporated female craft and handiwork to her art which depicted costuming and role play. Her feminine perspective that has always paralleled fashion made the transition to wardrobe styling was a very natural one. Coupled with years of experience in film and advertising and a strong involvement in the art community, Holli has created a strong and clear understanding of lifestyle trends, fashion and culture.

Alessando D'Andrea, Michael Vang, Mathieu Young, Michael Muller, Mikkel Vang, Thomas Heoffgen, Todd Marshard,

Nov 12, 2014
May 16, 2013